Royal Sheek Hair Products

Royal Sheek Hair Products was formed in 2015. It was a idea formed by three generation of women who was tired  of spending countless money on hair that just didn’t hold up. So this is where our journey began to seek top quality hair that will last. The idea came to us about two years ago when we was tired of the quality hair we was getting at prices we was paying. We sorted out different hair suppliers did research on the company purchase hair and tried it on ourselves before we narrowed it down to our current supplier. We have been using the hair from our current supplier for over a year in our own hair to see how the quality holds up.  We have bleached, colored, flat ironed and curled this hair repeatedly over the last year. The hair was removed and reused several times, that’s how we knew this is a product that we would be proud to associate our brand with.  I wouldn’t want to sell anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Over the last two years we have did market research to learn the different types and quality hair in the industry, how to identify that we getting 100% virgin human hair.  We are confident that the product that we sell is of the highest quality.